5 Dangers of Drinking Water If the Most

5 Dangers of Drinking Water If the Most

The human body is in dire need of adequate amounts of fluid , the fluid serves to assist the work of the cell , - cells , organs and tissues in the human body . For this reason, we encourage you to consume water in sufficient quantities . In this case , 8 glasses of water a day is sufficient quantity for the needs of fluids in your body . So that all organs work more optimally . Then , if the danger is drinking water excessively or most for your body ..... ? ? ? ?

      Companions , health tips . If someone said , drink plenty of water to nourish our bodies is a wrong assumption ini.Anda Hopefully after reading this article will know that most of the drinking water it can be dangerous for our bodies . Therefore , health tips will menngetengahkan a useful article for all readers .

Companions , health tips , According to the Times of India Here are 5 Dangers of drinking water if the most :

  1. If we receive the body of excess fluid intake will disturb the blood viscosity levels in your body .
  2. If the levels of blood keketalah we disturbed it will impact the disruption of the circulatory system in our bodies .
  3. It turns out the blood viscosity will reduce sodium in the body . Thereby causing cell swelling in your body .
  4. The worst risk of swelling of the cells that you will experience fainting , seizures and even cause you have the name coma .
  5. The worst result of swelling of brain cells , especially in cells that can cause death to humans .

Excessive amount of water in our bodies can also increase blood volume . So that the condition will force the kidneys to work harder to reduce the amount of water in your circulatory system . According to the Associated Hyponatraemia Exercise ( EAH ) estimates that there are about 1600 cases of deaths worldwide due to excessive drinking water . Sources : aqua , health.liputan6 , information tips ) .